The explosive growth of handheld screen devices has fostered the emergence of new TV consumption practices: "always connected while watching TV" is the expression that best summarizes this transformation.  On the one hand we observe multiscreening practices engendered by the availability of second screen devices, which people use both simultaneously and sequentially while watching. On the other hand  these handeld device are strengthening the social dimension of the TV-watching experience (Social TV). This paper aims to analyze the diffusion of social and connected television in the Italian market,  relying on data from the “Osservatorio Social TV 2013-2014” (Sapienza University, Rome).

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Keywords social tv, audience, multiscreening, engagement, social media, Twitter
Publisher Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Journal VIEW Journal
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Note VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture; Vol 3, No 6 (2014): Convergent Television(s); 24-36
Marinelli, Alberto, & Andò, Romana. (2014). Multiscreening and Social TV: The Changing Landscape of TV Consumption in Italy. VIEW Journal, 3(6), 24–36.

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