The research on the “Intervision”, used as an empiric case study about the inter-cultural communication between its participants, consists of examining primary sources spread over several archives throughout Europe to collect structural and administrative data, making interviews with contemporary witnesses and evaluating statistics – with mainly the task to widen the perspective on a subject, that was formerly nation-focused or being described with a Western view only. As the preliminary steps of a basic study on the History of the Program Exchange in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, this research became an example, with which challenges one is confronted within an Media Archaeological task.

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Keywords Intervision, Program Exchange, Archive Research, Primary Sources, Eastern Europe
Publisher Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Journal VIEW Journal
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Note VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture; Vol 3, No 5 (2014): Television Histories in (Post)Socialist Europe; 23-34
Yurtaeva, Yulia. (2014). Intervision. Searching for Traces. VIEW Journal, 3(5), 23–34.

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