The publication of audiovisual archives asks many questions about the meaning of documents. Publishing a video archive on a Web site, for example, is a re-contextualisation. The loss of cultural references needed to understand a document implies the necessity to recontextualise documents. This means adding elements, such as titles, descriptions and other information. This paper analyzes the case of a video published by Ina on its Web platform and its Blog, the Blognote. The video, dated 1st January 1947, is a report envisioning a future when surveillance cameras would be installed on the streets in Paris. These two instances of publication offer two different views on the editorialization of video archives.

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Keywords Video Archives, Recontextualization, Remediation, Semiotics
Publisher Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
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Note VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture; Vol 1, No 1 (2012): Making Sense of Digital Sources; 61-66
Treleani, Matteo, & Mussou, Claude. (2012). Retelling the Past with Broadcast Archives: Context Makes Sense. VIEW Journal, 1(1), 61–66.

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