This article focuses on one of the most ground-breaking technological attempts to create a novel immersive media environment for a heightened televisual user experience: 3DTV, a Network of Excellence project that was funded by the European Commission 6th Framework Information Society Technologies Programme. Based on the theoretical framework mainly outlined in the works of Jonathan Crary and Brian Winston, and on empirical data obtained from the author’s laboratory visit notes and discussions with 3DTV practitioners, this article explores the claimed novelty of 3DTV through a focus on the history of stereoscopic vision and addresses the inconsistency between the research project’s expected and actual results.

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Mehrabov, Ilkin. (2015). Novel Televisual Environments: Immersive Spectatorship and the Future of Stereoscopic 3DTV. VIEW Journal, (. 7), 99–109. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2015.jethc084