Radio is only to a limited extent a ‘blind medium’. Visual and material aspects have long played a role in the way the medium has acquired meaning. While print has become a common source for radio history, audiovisual material – such as is preserved on the EUscreen portal with extensive metadata and potential for context – offers potential not just for understanding the evolution of television, but rather the entire mass-media ensemble. This article explores the possibilities and problems of using EUscreen as a source for a comparative and transnational history of radio, looking in particular at the visual iconography and narrative structures of audiovisual material found on the portal.

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Badenoch, Alexander, & Hagedoorn, Berber. (2018). TV on the Radio/ Radio on Television: European Television Heritage as a Source for Understanding Radio History. VIEW Journal, (. 13), 97–113. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2018.jethc145