Shifts in audio-visual production, distribution and consumption have increased pressure on broadcasters as main financiers of domestic content in Europe. However, within the context of internationalisation and digitalisation, there are also new opportunities for the export of European content. By taking a close look at the evolution and increasing popularity of Flemish TV drama, this article identifies key explanatory factors for the export of content produced in a small media market. The analysis also discusses the extent to which the rise in exports may contribute to the increased sustainability of a small and fragile, yet vibrant audio-visual industry.

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Keywords Media policy research, Television Studies, Flanders, Belgium, distribution, co-production, transnational television, small media market, TV drama
Publisher Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
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Journal VIEW Journal
Rights Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Note VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture; Vol 9, No 17 (2020); 79 - 92
Raats, Tim, & Iordache, Catalina. (2020). From Nordic Noir to Belgian Bright? Shifting TV Drama Production and Distribution in Small Markets: The Case of Flanders. VIEW Journal, 9(17), 79–92. doi:10.18146/view.243