In the last years the arrival of international OTT providers and the development of national online digital platforms have deeply changed the Russian television environment. The constant need of both national self-affirmation and new contents has led to the development of different paths of content creation. In particular, foreign ready-made contents follow three paths: adaptation, localization and ‘Russification’, depending on their genre. The ‘Russification’ process is the most peculiar one and consists in the re-creation of a foreign product with local resources. The article will give the reader some key-concept to understand some of the most popular ‘Russification’ attempts, from the very first (The Nanny) to the most contemporary (Adaptation).

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Keywords television studies, tv series, remake, Russian television, global TV
Publisher Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
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Journal VIEW Journal
Rights Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Note VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture; Vol 9, No 17 (2020); 35 - 42
Prati, Elena. (2020). From the Western to the Kremlin and Back. Development Paths of Foreign Products on Russian Television. VIEW Journal, 9(17), 35–42. doi:10.18146/view.214