This essay discusses the proposed design for informational objects for the place branding of the Food Innovation Strip Ede-Wageningen. The Food Innovation Strip Ede-Wageningen is the knowledge center of the FoodValley Region, one of the regions taking part in the top sectors policy, developed in 2011 by the Dutch government. The branding aims to convincingly convey that this region holds many companies, organizations and knowledge institutes working together towards sustainable innovations for the Agri-food sector within the framework of healthier food and a healthier living environment. This essay offers an inside view, from concept development to prototype, of the research behind the spatial and typographical design for the informational objects for the Food Innovation Strip. Although Agri-food is the primary focus for the design, the research is also based on information about typography and how typography is implemented in related fields such as illustration, spatial design and design in the context of new media.

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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis

Taylor, Pier. (2016). Gebiedsbranding van de KennisAs Ede-Wageningen. Een praktijkgeoriënteerd ontwerponderzoek. Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis, 19(2), 1–32. doi:10.18146/2213-7653.2016.269