This article analyses the highly popular Dutch satirical TV-show Zondag met Lubach (ZML) from the perspective of ‘glocalization.’ This places the show both within the global tradition of late-night satire, originating in the United States, and in the local Dutch tradition of satirical TV. A general overview of these traditions is followed by a close reading of one ZML segment, which is then compared to the American show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This comparison reveals the dominant influence of the American tradition of performing televisual satire, thus contesting the common assumption in television studies that nationhood still  plays a central role in the practice of broadcasting.

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Nieuwenhuis, Ivo. (2018). Televisual Satire in the Age of Glocalization: The Case of Zondag met Lubach. VIEW Journal, (. 13), 69–79. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2018.jethc143