Crossroads is the name of the concept that narratively connects several WWII-related cultural institutions in Brabant. It is an overarching paradigm that links together four otherwise very diverse World War II sites, namely, three museums and a commemoration centre.Crossroads provides these institutions with a tool in the form of a three-layered matrix to build and offer visitors a cohesive experience related to their WWII heritage. This experience is characterised by the specific approach that they can adopt in telling their WWII stories. This approach uses storytelling techniques. This is what the Crossroads matrix is about.This paper will highlight the creative process that led to the development of this concept and will discuss examples of the resulting non-fiction (transmedia) narratives.

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Calvi, Licia, & Hover, Moniek. (2016). Crossroads: Life Changing Stories from the Second World War: A (Transmedia) Storytelling Approach to World War II Heritage. VIEW Journal, (. 10), 55–66. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2016.jethc112