The paper presents aims and results of the project KA³ (Kölner Zentrum Analyse und Archivierung von audio-visual-Daten), in which advanced speech technologies are developed and provided to enhance the process of indexing and analysing speech recordings from the oral history domain and the language sciences. Close cooperation between speech technology scientists and digital humanities researchers is an important aspect of the project making sure that the development of the technologies answers the needs of research based on qualitative audio-visual interviews. For practical research reasons, the project focuses on the audio aspect, although visual aspects are of course equally important for the analysis of audio-visual data. The Cologne Centre for Analysis and Archiving of audio-visual data will provide the technologies as a central service.

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VIEW Journal

Leh, Almut, Köhler, Joachim, Gref, Michael, & Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. (2018). Speech Analytics in Research Based on Qualitative Interviews: Experiences from KA3. VIEW Journal, (. 14), 138–149. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2018.jethc158