This study is part of an international project about the characteristics of historical fiction on Spanish and Portuguese television between 2001 and 2012, a time period during which historical content on television enjoyed an important expansion in both countries. The paper follows these productions as entertainment products and memory strategies. It explores a set of key-points: the similarities and differences of historical fiction productions; polarization of different historical times, more specifically, the convergent perspectives on Franco and Salazar as the contemporary Iberian dictators.

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Rueda Laffond, José Carlos, Ruiz, Carlota Coronado, Burnay, Catarina Duff, Gómez, Amparo Guerra, Pérez, Susana Díaz, & Santos, Rogério. (2013). Parallel Stories, Differentiated Histories: Exploring Fiction and Memory in Spanish and Portuguese Television. VIEW Journal, (. 3), 37–44. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2013.jethc030