Focusing on the award winning costume designer Yves Barre’s work for The League of Gentlemen (BBC, 1999-2002), this article explores the role of the costume designer in television production. Using an anthropological method that combines original interviews with Barre, Steve Pemberton (one of the writer/performers) and Jon Plowman (the executive producer) as well as second hand material such as DVD extras, the article provides insight into the show’s creative process. The underlying objective is to shed light on the costume design process – an understudied stage of television production.

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Toylan, Gamze. (2013). Behind the Scenes: Costume Design for Television: There are Many Things you Don't Know About the League of Gentlemen. VIEW Journal, (. 4), 15–26. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2013.jethc041