KAN, the new Israeli public service broadcasting corporation, was established in 2015 to replace the declining, 40-year-old, PSB. This unique situation constitutes an intriguing case study for exploring several interrelated academic and professional contemporary interrelated discussions: transforming PSB organisations into public service media and adapting their public mission to the digital age; political pressure on PSM organisations and their struggle for independence; and PSM's legitimacy in a challenging media environment. This paper identifies the strategies employed by KAN to manufacture legitimacy and consolidate the organisation's existence solely via online outlets, and the relation of these strategies to core PSM values.

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Klein Shagrir, Oranit. (2019). Digital First! Reinventing Israeli PSB and Manufacturing Legitimacy Online. VIEW Journal, (. 16), 74–87. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2019.jethc176