The recently started project EUscreenXL builds on its predecessor EUscreen, which successfully solved a number of problems regarding the creation of online access to audiovisual sources, notably the interoperability at technical and metadata levels. In July 2011 the project EUscreen was presented in the IASA journal. In this paper, we would like to present its successor EUscreenXL, which started in March 2013. We would like to share some of the objectives of the project and discuss why and how these could be relevant for all organizations holding audiovisual archives and collections. It is EUscreenXL’s objective to establish a pan-European aggregator for audiovisual heritage. EUscreenXL makes audiovisual content and metadata from broadcasters and archives searchable, findable, and accessible across Europe and supports the use of European cultural resources through Europeana.

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IASA Journal
IASA Journal

Verbruggen, E., Oomen, J., & Müller, E. (2014). Bringing Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage Online: EUscreenXL. IASA Journal, (42), 54–60.