The immersive media collections of cultural heritage institutions are expanding. Institutions see the cultural significance of collecting immersive works and look at how these immersive works can fit in their existing collection policies and selection criteria. Once the immersive works have entered the collection, the preservation of immersive media starts. Institutions collaborate with artists to gather as much information as possible in the, sometimes limited, time available based on workflows for software-based art. While the risks of immersive media becoming obsolete are amplified, the preservation of these works brings challenges. Institutions try to apply, yet again, existing preservation strategies to preserve the immersive works based on their institutional goals. Since technology is rapidly changing and multiple different technologies fall under the umbrella term immersive media, the preservation strategies for immersive media are often bespoke. Collaboration between institutions with similar preservation goals is recommended to create common guidelines for the preservation of immersive media.

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Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

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