While television has never been fully obtained by national borders, the archives that preserve its heritage have long been positioned within nation-centred frameworks. Through wide-scale digitisation, combined with the internationalisation of our societies, more international users are finding their way to these archives, resulting in a transnational (re)circulation of the collections. This article therefore sets out to understand how transnational flows are visible and findable by tracing a clip of Laika the Soviet dog within three digital television archives: EUscreen, the Internet Archive and the CLARIAH Media Suite. It is shown that television archives should paradoxically emphasise the national borders in their collections in order to facilitate transnational television research. While national demarcations may be debated, defining them clearly will guide researchers between and over them.

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VIEW Journal

van der Deure, Mary-Joy, van Gorp, Jasmijn, & Badenoch, Alec. (2023). The Paradox of Borders: Tracing the Clip of Laika the Soviet Dog in Three Digital Television Archives. VIEW Journal, (. 24), 11–28. doi:10.18146/view.303