This article explores issues with archival preservation and access in the case of the audiovisual heritage of migrant communities, which defies hegemonic categories of nation, race, ethnicity, language. As such, although these communities are somewhat present in archives, they are marginalised and remain absent, silent, and dormant. Through two case studies of audiovisual representations of Turkish migrants from Dutch public archives, the article tackles possible ways to unravel such hegemonic categories, thereby reflecting the multiplicities and instabilities of migrant archival objects. It explores the pivotal role of community engagement for more inclusive archival practices that undermine its constitutive limits –– to work with archives against the archives.

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Sound & Vision
VIEW Journal

Özgen, Asli. (2023). Unsettling Borders of Archives: Activating the Audiovisual Heritage of the Turkish Community in the Netherlands. VIEW Journal, (. 24), 54–69. doi:10.18146/view.308