This paper overviews ongoing work that aims to support end-users in conveniently exploring and exploiting large audiovisual archives by deploying multiple multimodal linking approaches. We present ongoing work on multimodal video hyperlinking, from a perspective of unconstrained link anchor identification and based on the identification of named entities, and recent attempts to implement and validate the concept of outside-in linking that relates current events to archive content. Although these concepts are not new, current work is revealing novel insights, more mature technology, development of benchmark evaluations and emergence of dedicated workshops which are opening many interesting research questions on various levels that require closer collaboration between research communities.

ACM New York

Ordelman, R., Aly, R., Eskevich, M., Huet, B., & Jones, G. (2015). Convenient Discovery of Archival Video Using Audiovisual Hyperlinking. In SLAM '15 Proceedings of the Third Edition Workshop on Speech, Language & Audio in Multimedia (pp. 23–26). doi:10.1145/2802558.2814652