Open is as open does. Open content has been a hot topic in heritage for several years. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has long been a front runner when it comes to supporting open standards and free re-use of our collections. Surprisingly enough, we never tried it the other way around: using open content to create an exhibit. So when we started to develop an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of 3FM - one of Holland’s main public pop radio channels - we asked ourselves: would we be able to create a personalized, interactive videomapping exhibit using mainly open content? During a How-To-Session Karen Drost and Maarten Brinkerink will dive into how we managed this, and share what we learned.

exhibit, interactives, personalisation, videomapping, RFID, Open Content, Creative Commons
Museums and the Web
Museums and the Web 2016

van Tuijn, E, Drost, K, Brinkerink, M, & Baltussen, L.B. (2016). Open is as open does. How to use open content in a personalized interactive museum exhibit. Presented at the Museums and the Web 2016, Museums and the Web.