Audiovisual archives are embracing the opportunities offered by digitisation for managing their work processes and offering new services to a wide array of user groups. Organisation strategy, working processes, and software development need to be able to support a culture where innovation can flourish. Some institutions are beginning to adopt the concept of "two-speed IT.” The core strategy aims to accommodate two tracks simultaneously: foundational but “slow,” and innovative but flexible and “fast." This paper outlines the rationale behind the two-speed IT strategy. It highlights a specific implementation at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, a large audiovisual archive and museum. Two-speed IT is enabling Sound and Vision to reach its business objectives.

strategy, participatory culture, infrastructure, innovation, asset management, software development
Museums and the Web
Museums and the Web 2016

Oomen, J, Brinkerink, M, Huurnink, B, & Schuurman, J. (2016). Changing gears: Fast-lane design for accelerated innovation in memory organisations. Presented at the Museums and the Web 2016, Museums and the Web.