The first chapter of this status report gives an overview of technological developments that influence the processes to provide online access to historical footage as well as publish and reuse audiovisual content by the creative industries. Amongst others: - Online video platforms are gradually moving towards the language, production modes and front‐ends of classic television. - More openness is supported by the further development and implementation of HTML5 technology. - Several initiatives by moving image archives in cooperative European platforms to bring their content online without foregoing the uniqueness of their materials, and to strengthen the reach of their collections. The second chapter explores several aspects of the (sustainable) reuse of AV-content as a cultural and explorative practice leading towards more open and participatory archives. Obviously open innovation becomes key to galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMS). Open cultural resources can refer to open (meta)data and/or open content. Finally, the third chapter discusses European research topics that are currently ongoing in areas connected to audiovisual heritage.