In the Preservation Metadata Dictionary V 1.2 (PMD) the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has summarized the definitions of preservation metadata, a combination of a variety of existing standards, to best serve the needs of the institute as an audiovisual archive. By publishing the current version of the PMD, Sound and Vision hopes to contribute to the discussion and development of best practices with regards to the application of preservation metadata standards.

Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
B. Delaney (Beth) , H. Smulders (Hanneke) , Y. Hollander (Yvette) , A. de Jong (Annemieke) , D. Steinmeier (Daniel)
Information Management

Delaney, B, Smulders, H, Hollander, Y, de Jong, A, & Steinmeier, D (Eds.). (2015). Preservation Metadata Dictionary. (B Delaney, H Smulders, Y Hollander, A de Jong, & D Steinmeier, Eds.). Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision.