This study is concerned with the memories that Estonians have of watching Finnish television during the last decades of the Soviet occupation. We will look at the practices of watching Finnish television in Soviet Estonia and the meanings attributed to it. Finnish television took North-Estonians into a colourful world of consumption and entertainment, while educating them about Western values and encouraging them to dream of a better future. We identify four ways that North-Estonians remember Finnish television (and its programmes): as an event, as a means of distinction, as a window to a world of affluence, and as a tool of democratic education.

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Lepp, Annika, & Pantti, Mervi. (2013). Window to the West: Memories of Watching Finnish Television in Estonia During the Soviet Period. VIEW Journal, (. 3), 77–87. doi:10.18146/2213-0969.2013.jethc034