On January 24 and 25, 2020, the first edition of the Inward Outward symposium took place at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Initiated between the KITLV and Sound and Vision, and with the support of the RCMC, Inward Outward brought together archival practitioners, artists, academics, and researchers to explore the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. Inward Outward, Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Films of Coloniality: A Publication of the 2020 Inward Outward Symposium collects different contributions from speakers of the symposium, reiterating and reflecting on the presentations that took place during the 2-day symposium. These contributions interrogate how we might situate ourselves in relation to the materials we work with, and the locations we work from. Across the publication 16 individual contributions unfold, exploring coloniality and questioning what might “decolonizing” the archive look like as it intersects with sound and moving image collections, archival practices, artistic approaches, intimacy, reimagining the archive, and more.

R. Somers Miles (Rachel) , A. Osbourne (Alana) , E. Tzialli (Eleni) , E. Captain (Esther)
Inward Outward

Somers Miles, R., Osbourne, A., Tzialli, E., & Captain, E. (Eds.). (2020). Inward Outward, Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Films of Coloniality. In R. Somers Miles, A. Osbourne, E. Tzialli, & E. Captain (Eds.), . Inward Outward. doi:10.18146/inout2020