The article analyses the changes in production and consumption in the audiovisual industry and the way the so-called ‘ephemeral’ commissioned productions are scarcely preserved. New technologies and the liberal economic policies and internationalisation changed the media landscape in the 1980s. Audiovisual companies created a broad range of products within the audiovisual industry. This also resulted in a democratisation of the use of media as well as new formats of programmes and distribution for commissioned productions. By looking at a specific company that recently handed over a collection to the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, challenges and issues of preserving video and digital and interactive audiovisual productions are discussed.

Ephemeral media, Interactive content, Commissioned audiovisual productions, Video, Sound and Vision, Audiovisual archive
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in collaboration with Utrecht University, University of Luxembourg and Royal Holloway University of London
CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NL (

Agterberg, B. (2014). Convergent Cultures: the Disappearance of Commissioned Audiovisual Productions in the Netherlands. VIEW, 3(6), 49–57.