The Information Governance Board is responsible for establishing the central information policy of the organization and supervises its implementation. The forum provides direction and guidance for the development and organization of the overall information management of Sound and Vision at a strategic and tactical level and measures this development against the strategic goals, quality criteria, risks and (technical and information management related) frameworks, possibilities and resources. The scope of the work area forms the integral information landscape of Sound and Vision, ie all digital systems, applications, processes, data and metadata that are used to realize or support the objectives of the organization. Focus points of this Board are: A. Assessing whether policies, projects, activities and plans in the field of information management are in line with the strategic objectives of the organization; B. Assessing whether projects, activities and plans are compliant with the frameworks and starting points of the data driven business model, the information policy and the central information architecture; C. Ensuring the coherence and the connections between the (execution of) tasks and disciplines; D. Stimulate and monitor the quality and efficiency of the information management from a shared vision and common standards.

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